An attribute unique to all human beings, and one which separates man from a monkey, is the innate capability to desire and yearn for things. To desire- does not concern basic necessities such as food or sleep, common to all animals, but in matters which are not essential for survival. A person may devote to a lover, idolize a celebrity or preoccupy themselves with their career and wealth.

All of which are finite.
And to find satisfaction with these is almost impossible; due to the fickle nature of worldly desires.

When a person builds attachments with such desires, their life will begin to revolve around that unconsciously and from it they will receive temporary satisfaction;

However when that focus disappears or is at risk of loss one will enter a state of despair, creating an empty void within the mind.

For complete satisfaction one requires eternal fulfillment.
And who else can provide better consistency than Al-Hayy the everliving?
Al-Awwal the first
Al-wahid the one, the one who completes all.
To surround life around god is a mind set that will never leave one feeling incomplete…

As contentment does not arise from matters impelling in ‘your’ way, it arrives from appreciating matters running by Allah’s will.

And that is the secret to contentment.

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2 thoughts on “Contentment

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    • Apologies for the late reply, a traveller can be easily distracted whilst on a journey. However people with talents can inspire and amend those ways.
      I thank you for your verses of enlightenment.


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